Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can We Ever Catch a Break?

Gosh, I don't know how other autism parents feel, but I'm feeling like we can never catch a break over here. Many don't realize how many body systems are affected by autism...if it's not sleep trouble, it's gut trouble, or it's being sick all the time, or it's managing anxiety, etc., etc. (and sometimes it's everything, all at once), so it's rare that we get more than a stretch of a couple of weeks of peace (or, in our case, everyone in school all day for a full week).

We survived April, which I dubbed "the month of irrational ridiculousness" for all the crazy shit that Evan came up with. We started last month with the great egg sandwich debacle, which I last blogged about, and ended the month with the me throwing away dirty pretzels and Evan screaming, "how can you do this to me! I just got off the bus and THIS is how you treat me?!!". A monthly theme for him in April was his big sister's "stench", which sounds funny but gets old fast, especially when he refused to be in the same room with her and often lost his appetite just by seeing her.


So, enter May and seasonal allergies galore. Because, after all, it's always something. Evan has very bad allergies and has had irritated eyes for weeks. Unfortunately, he somehow ended up with a large corneal abrasion on his left eye and is now even more miserable. Poor kid...imagine a sensory processing disorder on top of itchy eyes, and I guess it's not too hard to figure out how this happened.

Here is a pic of our trip to the doctor today:

I had to call in my Mother-in-law to help get my oldest to the orthodontist today, then had to dismiss my middle one early from school in order to get her to dance early so I could get Evan to his appointment. Seriously, it's comical over here trying to manage, and that, I know, everyone with kids can appreciate.

Relentless Forward Progress. My motto, you might remember from many blogs ago. Keep moving forward, until the next hiccup...then move forward again.

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